Thursday, 14 April 2016

Easter Actvities

We had fun making some great things this Easter.  Jess blew out her first egg in preparation to decorate it. 

I searched a few blogs to find recipes for easter treats and came across this one at:

Unfortunately ours didn't turn out quite like Hungry Happenings but they did taste pretty amazing and were fun to make.  I just couldn't seem to get the consistency right on the chocolate ganache, every time I tried it came out solid!  Ah well we just ended up molding it around the peanut butter fudge balls in the end.  Because I didn't have a hope in making moulding chocolate, especially after the ganache disaster! I used Cadburys buttons for the feet and Cadburys mini chocolate fingers for the ears.

The children had fun decorating their blown out eggs, here's some of the designs they came up with:

Jess's Shopkins Eggs

Vel's, Mr Bean and Mrs Bean :D

We also had a go at making string baskets to home our small chocolate eggs, these were fun to make but they didn't really turn out as we planned.  I think next time we need to add more glue than water and needs loads more string!

We also made some Miffy Bunny marshmallows and some other sweet treats

Even Georgia got involved with a hand and foot print Easter Bunny!

So that concludes our Easter Activities for this year.